Donate to a Cause

GEC strongly believes in sustainable projects and endeavours that align with the environment. All projects require substantial help and commitment. By donating, you are supporting GEC's work in rehabilitating and conserving the environment with the community.

Your donations/funds will be used entirely to drive environmental projects that GEC works on including conservation and rehabilitation initiatives as well as environmental outreach.

Donate for a cause to GEC at our account number MBB: 5122 3140 4905 (Global Environment Centre).

Please indicate the Fund of your choice below under the transaction details/recipient reference:

River Care Fund 

Forest Care Fund

Mangrove Fund

GEC General Fund

Note: All cash donations to the Global Environment Centre are tax-exempted. Please e-mail to us your bank slip to If you do not receive your tax-exemption receipt within 2 weeks of your contribution, please notify us at

To find out more on how you can donate to a Fund of your choice, please contact us!