Monthly Tree Planting Programme 2024

The monthly tree planting programme is an annual activity aim to promote the importance of forests protection to the public. 

The programme was introduced in 2008 by the Selangor State Forestry Department (SSFD) and Global Environment Centre (GEC) as well as, through the years, in partnership with and funded by various corporates including HSBC Bank Malaysia, Yayasan Sime Darby, Prosper Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd and in collaboration with other NGOs. 

This year, the rehabilitation programme is organised in collaboration with SSFD, GEC, Friends of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest and Sahabat Gambut Asli Temuan (SGAT). The objectives are:

Your involvement will contribute greatly to the conservation of various species of peat swamp and retaining the original characteristics of the peat swamp forest. Volunteers, come and join us in this exciting hands-on tree planting activity!

What You Need to Know 

Process of Participation

  1. All participants must register through online form provided on the planting dates below. 
  2. Upon submitting registration, participant (group leader) will receive an email detailing the do’s and don’ts, what to bring, location and COVID-19 SOPs. 
  3. Participant (group leader) will also receive an invitation link to a WhatsApp group created specifically for the planting session. Please join the group for timely updates, information and to address specific queries and concerns.
  4. Closer to the date, organisers will update detailed information of the planting day via WhatsApp group. 
  5. The activity will be conducted in the morning at 9.00 am and ends roughly before noon. Programme will begin with introduction, briefing on how and where to plant the trees, planting session and ends. 

Register Your Participation 

- Registration link will be available when the session is open for registration
- Maximum 20 participants only per group/organisation/corporate/institution

Date Location* Registration Link
24 February 2024 RMFR Register Now! (Closed)
27 April 2024 RMFR Register Now! (Closed)
25 May 2024 RMFR Register Now! (Closed)
22 June 2024 RMFR Register Now! (Closed)
27 July 2024 KLNFR TBU
24 August 2024 KLNFR TBU
28 September 2024 KLNFR TBU
26 October 2024 KLNFR TBU

Info needed for registration include full name, email, IC/Passport number and age. 

RMFR - Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Bestari Jaya, Selangor
KLNFR - Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve, Banting, Selangor