Donate To A Cause With HSBC Amanah Credit Card

GEC has been selected as one of HSBC Amanah’s supported charity organisations. HSBC partnered with Incitement, to create a dedicated digital platform for customers to support local charities seamlessly. 

For every charitable donation made by you via HSBC Credit Card, HSBC will donate 1% to the charity organisations. For more info of the charity feature, CLICK HERE

So, if you are an HSBC Credit Card holder, support us by donating to GEC’s selected projects via Incitement platform. 

1. Peatland restoration and conservation in Pahang. Find out more 

2. Mangroves rehabilitation and conservation in Kuala Gula, Perak and Tanjung Surat Island, Johor. Find out more 


Note: All cash donations to the Global Environment Centre are tax-exempted. Please e-mail to us your bank slip to If you do not receive your tax-exemption receipt within 2 weeks of your contribution, please notify us at