Donate To A Cause With HSBC Amanah Credit Card

GEC has been selected as one of HSBC Amanah’s supported charity organisations. 

If you are a cardholder of HSBC Amanah Credit Card, you may support us by donating to GEC’s selected projects via Incitement platform. 

HSBC partnered with Incitement, to create a dedicated digital platform for customers to support local charities seamlessly. 

For every charitable donation made by you via HSBC Amanah Credit Card, HSBC will donate 1% to the charity organisations. For more info of the new charity feature, CLICK HERE


Your contribution will benefit GEC’s community-based conservation at the sites below:

Peatland restoration and conservation in Pahang. Find out more 


Mangroves rehabilitation and conservation in Kuala Gula, Perak and Tanjung Surat Island, Johor. Find out more 


Note: All cash donations to the Global Environment Centre are tax-exempted. Please e-mail to us your bank slip to If you do not receive your tax-exemption receipt within 2 weeks of your contribution, please notify us at