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  Policy Development & Information Exchange







GEC is actively involved in policy development and roundtable discussions on the national, regional and global level on issues such as transboundary haze, sustainable palm oil and peatland protection.

We are also supporting a range of information exchange and networking: 

  • CBD-Ramsar River Basin Initiatives
    • The River Basin Initiatives (RBI) is an activity under the joint work plan of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the Conventional on Bilogical Diversity. This initiative aims to help establish a global network to share information, as well as support activities and projects that demonstrate the principles and practice of integrated water resource management. The work of GEC focuses on support to RBI - including electronic newsletter and web portal.
  • Malaysian River Network
    • The Malaysian River Network was established in 2004 to link groups working on the restoration and rehabilitation of river systems in Malaysia, including communities participating in river management. Activities include organisation of workshops and  meetings, an electronic discussion group, a small grants scheme, manual and guidelines and collaborative projects.  

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