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National River Care Fund (NRCF)

National River Care Fund – Small Grant Programme is an initiative established by Global Environment Centre (GEC) to support local community, community based organisations/non-profit organisations to pursue their own river conservation initiatives.Learn more about NRCF


River Care Programme (RCP)

The programme focuses on promoting community participation in river and water resource protection and sustainable use through the Civic Science approach. Learn more about RCP and its ongoing projects.

Forest & Coastal Programme (FCP)

The programme focuses on development and promotion of community-based forest management and rehabilitation activities. Learn more about FCP and its ongoing projects.

Peatland Programme (PP)

The programme promotes sustainable management of peatlands and works closely with various stakeholders to promote BMP in peatland management, peat fire prevention and rehabilitation. Learn more about PP and its ongoing projects.

Outreach & Partnership Programme (OPP)

The programme area incorporates activities relating to general capacity building, environmental education, information exchange and awareness raising on global environment issues. Learn more about OPP.

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05 Nov, 2018 ~ 07 Nov, 2018 (past)
PFR Camping
11 Nov, 2018 (past)
National Recycling Day
24 Nov, 2018
Tree Planting
30 Dec, 2018 ~ 31 Dec, 2018
Mangrove Tree Planting

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Celebrating 20 years of Partnership for the Environment


APFP - SEApeat Key Achievements (2010 - 2015)

This publication highlights the key achievements of ASEANPeatland Forests Project (APFP) and Sustainable Management of Peatland Forests in Southeast Asia (SEApeat)

Other publications