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People in flood prone areas must have 72-hour survival kit
Those living in flood-prone areas, he said, should be prepared with a grab bag and a 72-hour kit to ensure their temporary survival while waiting for assistance. "The grab bag should contain a document kit (comprising birth ...
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Govt urged to strategise and adapt to climate change
Climate change causes unpredictable weather patterns and leads to unpredictable seasonal forecasts according to the usual time, such as the monsoon season.
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New attractions at rejuvenated riverside
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said more efforts should be put into prevention at source. “Selangor Maritime Gateway should look at tackling river pollution at all tributaries that flow ...
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Experts: More surveillance needed

Read More > Date 03-Jan-2022  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Perfect storm of conditions
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said during the monsoon season, rivers and dams are full, which made it hard for the water to drain and there was a backflow.
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JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT: Investigate, act fast against those responsible for mudflows and log slides near Karak town
Following the recent massive mudflows and log slides near Karak town in Bentong District in Pahang resulting in massive destruction, 45 NGOs and local communities are calling for the institution of an independent inquiry, and immediate action ...
Read More > Date 28-Dec-2021  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Specialist: Model flash flood warning system on Covid-19 Tracker
Global Environment Centre River Care Programme Manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said the effective dissemination of Covid-19 cases, clusters and vaccination updates should be modelled into the flood warning systems.
Read More > Date 23-Dec-2021  | Category Flood Preparedness 
We have to learn to live with floods, warns expert
"Kalithasan also called for community-based flood preparation programmes, where the public, especially children, could learn about floods and be trained to deal with them."
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'Clear, action-based policy crucial'
Malaysia has set a target of Zero net emissions by 2050. In order to reach this target, Global Environment Centre's Director, Faizal Parish told New Straits Times that Malaysia must state its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in terms of ...
Read More > Date 22-Nov-2021  | Category Carbon, Climate Change 
Too little done to fix climate change, say experts
According to environmentalists, climate change has already manifested on a daily basis. For instance, rising sea levels are causing frequent floods in coastal towns such as Klang, and droughts have been an annual affair in Kedah and ...
Read More > Date 17-Nov-2021  | Category Climate Change & Behaviour 
Is Malaysia underreporting its GHG emissions?
Faizal Parish, director of the Global Environment Centre, says the emissions factor used in the BUR3 are based on the 2006 guidelines, which are not the latest version, he says. According to the website, there was a refinement of the guidelines ...
Read More > Date 11-Nov-2021  | Category Carbon, Climate Change 
Learning all about river care
GLOBAL Environment Centre (GEC), Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID), Klang Municipal Council (MPK) and the local community have come together in a strategic partnership for the benefit of Selangor’s waterways and to enhance public awareness ...
Read More > Date 10-Nov-2021  | Category River Care 
Environmentalists: Malaysia’s latest climate change action plan on greenhouse gas emissions may be too ambitious, unrealistic
“One key sector for action is to stop conversion of forests and peatlands. There are significant opportunities for Malaysia to reduce emissions from peatlands through better management of oil palm and agriculture on peat as well as the ...
Read More > Date 27-Oct-2021  | Category River Care 
Sg Klang Urban River Open Classroom takes off
Global Environment Centre (GEC), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) together with Klang Municipal Council (MPK), and the local community have come together in a strategic partnership for the benefit of the state’s waterways and to ...
Read More > Date 25-Oct-2021  | Category River Care 
Preservation plans flow smoothly
Awards were given to eight organisations – three educational institutions and five community based ones for work on sustainable river care and support for sustainable river basin management.
Read More > Date 11-Oct-2021  | Category River Care 
HEINEKEN Malaysia takes sustainability a step further
The water stewardship initiatives are carried out through their Working Actively Through Education and Rehabilitation (W.A.T.E.R) Project, a partnership between HEINEKEN Malaysia’s corporate social responsibility arm SPARK Foundation and ...
Read More > Date 24-Sep-2021  | Category Water 

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