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Environmental crisis heating up, urgent action needed
Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish said from 1969 to 2015, the annual minimum temperature in Peninsular Malaysia had risen by 1.4°Celsius. “Sea levels have risen by 5cm (on average) from 1993 to 2015. It is predicted to rise by 50cm ...
Read More > Date 22-Apr-2021  | Category Earth Day Celebration 
Media Release: In conjunction with the Earth Day 2021, GEC urges everyone to protect and restore our home – the Earth
Faizal Parish, Director of Global Environment Centre (GEC) said, “Natural ecosystems provide critical services to all of us as well as supporting biodiversity. Mangroves protect our coastline from storms and erosion and are the breeding and ...
Read More > Date 21-Apr-2021  | Category Earth Day Celebration 
Expert questions how Kedah would use any water compensation from Penang
Another panellist, K Kalithasan, who is a coordinator at the Global Environment Centre, said the two states can solve the conflict but negotiations must prioritise public interest. “The federal government should step in to moderate and invite ...
Read More > Date 20-Apr-2021  | Category River  
Library in community garden
Head of the group, Halim Mohamad Saad said they collaborated with UCSI University, which received a RM8,000 grant from the Starfish Foundation, to build a small library in the community garden for the children.
Read More > Date 19-Apr-2021  | Category Community Garden 
Respect DOE’s decision and leave peat swamp forests alone, NGO tells Selangor
“Other Government agencies also need to support and assist the DOE by upholding our environmental laws and coordinate with all parties, including Government-linked companies,” Global Environment Centre forest and coastal programme manager ...
Read More > Date 17-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Environmental groups support stop-work order on S'gor GLC's agro park
"Following the Selangor DOE's investigation at the project location, a notice order was issued to PKPS on April 8 under Section 31, Environmental Quality Act 1974 (Act 127) as well as a stop-work order for activities prescribed under Section 34AA ...
Read More > Date 16-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Projek SSAP: NGO sokong arahan henti kerja terhadap GLC S'gor
"Kami menyokong tindakan JAS dan kami berharap agar PKPS mematuhi perintah itu kerana kami difahamkan mereka masih membersihkan tanah," kata Faizal yang juga pengarah Pusat Alam Sekitar Global (GEC) kepada Malaysiakini.
Read More > Date 16-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Demi ‘survival’ hutan simpan Kuala Langat utara
“Malah, masyarakat di sini juga dididik cara betul memelihara hutan ini dengan baik seperti mengelak melakukan aktiviti berisiko kebakaran. Sebenarnya, proses rehabilitasi hutan ini telah berjaya dan kerana itu kami tidak faham mengapa hutan ...
Read More > Date 14-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Demi kelangsungan 'paru-paru hijau' Selangor
Mengulas mengenainya, Pengurus Program Hutan dan Pesisir Pantai, GEC, Nagarajan Rengasamy (HE) berkata kenyataan kerajaan negeri bahawa 40 peratus daripada HSKLU sudah merosot kualiti hutannya ketika ini adalah kurang tepat. Ini kerana, ...
Read More > Date 14-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Klebang Selatan KRT Now a Tapioca Chips Processing and Selling Centre
According to the Director of GEC, Faizal Parish, the effort to make the KRT a processing and selling centre of tapioca chips was motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which halted sources of income during the resulting Movement Control Order.
Read More > Date 10-Apr-2021  | Category Community livelihood 
KRT Klebang Selatan buka Pusat Pemprosesan & Jualan Kerepek Ubi Kayu - bantu komuniti tempatan jana pendapatan alternatif pasca pandemik Covid-19
Datuk Bandar Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud berkata, usaha-usaha yang dijalankan KRT Klebang Selatan perlu dijadikan contoh kepada rakan komuniti lain dalam melaksanakan program berkaitan alam sekitar dan bukan hanya fokus kepada ...
Read More > Date 10-Apr-2021  | Category Community livelihood 
KRT Klebang Selatan establishes Tapioca chips processing and selling centre
THROUGH the Hasanah Special Grant 2020 (HSG2020), KRT Klebang Selatan will be establishing and managing a Tapioca Chips Processing and Selling Centre, in support of the Global Environment Centre (GEC).
Read More > Date 10-Apr-2021  | Category Community livelihood 
Selangor clearing another peat swamp forest without EIA, say groups
Nagarajan Rengasamy of GEC told The Malaysian Insight that the group’s team detected clearing of the site on March 15. “We detected the clearing about a month ago but the site was definitely cleared much earlier before it was detected,” he ...
Read More > Date 08-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Kedah and Penang should put aside squabble; prioritise the health of Sg Muda
“The multiple proposed barrages under the TAPS (Takungan Air Pinggiran Sungai) scheme will disrupt the ecology of the river system, destroy the ecology and fisheries and induce serious problems of siltation,” he cautioned.
Read More > Date 31-Mar-2021  | Category Water 

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