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KRT Klebang Selatan establishes Tapioca chips processing and selling centre
THROUGH the Hasanah Special Grant 2020 (HSG2020), KRT Klebang Selatan will be establishing and managing a Tapioca Chips Processing and Selling Centre, in support of the Global Environment Centre (GEC).
Read More > Date 10-Apr-2021  | Category Community livelihood 
Selangor clearing another peat swamp forest without EIA, say groups
Nagarajan Rengasamy of GEC told The Malaysian Insight that the group’s team detected clearing of the site on March 15. “We detected the clearing about a month ago but the site was definitely cleared much earlier before it was detected,” he ...
Read More > Date 08-Apr-2021  | Category Forest 
Kedah and Penang should put aside squabble; prioritise the health of Sg Muda
“The multiple proposed barrages under the TAPS (Takungan Air Pinggiran Sungai) scheme will disrupt the ecology of the river system, destroy the ecology and fisheries and induce serious problems of siltation,” he cautioned.
Read More > Date 31-Mar-2021  | Category Water 
Virtual run encourages public to do their part for environment
With an overall target of planting 20,000 trees by the end of the challenge, Petronas, through its CSR arm Yayasan Petronas, is collaborating with the Global Environment Centre (GEC) to manage the tree saplings, working with identified ...
Read More > Date 23-Mar-2021  | Category Tree Planting 
Valuing Water through Community Empowerment in Malaysia
Water is abundantly available in Malaysia with an average annual rainfall of 3000mm resulting in a total of 990 billion cubic metres (bcm) of rainwater. Despite its abundance, there is a worrying trend of an increasing domestic demand for water, ...
Read More > Date 19-Mar-2021  | Category Water 
With an overall target of planting 20,000 trees by the end of the challenge, PETRONAS through its CSR arm, Yayasan PETRONAS, is collaborating with the Global Environment Centre (GEC) to manage the tree saplings, working with identified ...
Read More > Date 11-Mar-2021  | Category  
Aerial river surveillance
Global Environment Centre River Care programme manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said although drones were good for monitoring inaccessible areas, polluters could find ways to avoid detection.
Read More > Date 08-Mar-2021  | Category  
JPNP kerjasama GEC memulihara paya gambut Pahang Tenggara
Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Pahang (JPNP) menandatangani perjanjian persefahaman (MoU) dengan Global Environment Centre (GEC) dalam usaha memelihara dan memulihara kawasan hutan paya gambut Pahang Tenggara.
Read More > Date 01-Mar-2021  | Category Sustainable management 
Yayasan Petronas komited tanam 50,000 pokok menjelang 2021
Tambah beliau, rakan pelaksanaannya yang dilantik iaitu Global Environment Center (GEC) akan menguruskan program ini selama tiga tahun, hingga Ogos 2023. Tugas GEC ujarnya, termasuk mengenal pasti dan menguruskan penyediaan kawasan penanaman ...
Read More > Date 20-Feb-2021  | Category Trees planting  
Helping to reduce carbon emissions by 2000 tonnes
GEC director Faizal Parish said community groups would receive extensive training in the proper collection and handling of seeds and wildlings, the preparation and maintenance of planting sites and others.
Read More > Date 18-Feb-2021  | Category Tree Planting 
Because Forests Matter - Defending the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve
It's been over a year but the battle to save the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve is far from over. Even though the Selangor State Legislative Assembly had passed a unanimous resolution last November to stop the degazettement of the area, ...
Read More > Date 10-Feb-2021  | Category Forest 
Enriching The Biodiversity of Gamuda Cove
"We have also established an indigenous nursery in Pulau Kempas which has produced approximately 10,000 saplings to date for tree planting activities within the Kuala Langat Forest Reserve and the Forest Park with the Global Environment Centre ...
Read More > Date 04-Feb-2021  | Category Biodiversity 
Aktivis alam sekitar kecewa kenyataan MB S'gor isu nyah warta hutan simpan
Sementara itu, Faizal berkata, Hutan Simpan Utara Kuala Langat mempunyai warisan semula jadi dan budaya yang unik yang tidak dapat dijumpai di tempat lain. "Bagaimana menteri besar boleh mengatakan ini tidak penting atau boleh ditiru di tempat lain?
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Forest 
Environmentalists fume over S'gor MB's remarks on degazetting forest
Global Environment Centre (GEC) director Faizal Parish, who has been consistently vocal about the matter, stressed that Amirudin's remarks show that he has not taken the objections by numerous parties seriously.
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Forest 
TNB sasar tanam 7,000 benih bakau
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) menyasarkan menanam 7,000 anak benih bakau di Sungai Limau, Manjung, Perak dalam tempoh dua tahun sehingga Disember 2022.
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Mangrove 
Green groups sound alarm over disposable masks
Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish said the other worrying trend is that more disposable masks are turning up in rivers and drains. “We support the requirement of wearing masks from a public health and safety point of view. However, ...
Read More > Date 19-Jan-2021  | Category  

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