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Challenges for sustainable finance

Read More > Date 21-Feb-2022  | Category Sustainable management 
Lower oxygen levels may lead to prawns surfacing, say experts
Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish raised concerns about industrial facilities along Sungai Langat. “There have been many complaints about pollution caused by these factories,” he said, adding that more testing should be done ...
Read More > Date 14-Feb-2022  | Category  
People in flood prone areas must have 72-hour survival kit
Those living in flood-prone areas, he said, should be prepared with a grab bag and a 72-hour kit to ensure their temporary survival while waiting for assistance. "The grab bag should contain a document kit (comprising birth ...
Read More > Date 18-Jan-2022  | Category  
Govt urged to strategise and adapt to climate change
Climate change causes unpredictable weather patterns and leads to unpredictable seasonal forecasts according to the usual time, such as the monsoon season.
Read More > Date 13-Jan-2022  | Category  
New attractions at rejuvenated riverside
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said more efforts should be put into prevention at source. “Selangor Maritime Gateway should look at tackling river pollution at all tributaries that flow ...
Read More > Date 12-Jan-2022  | Category  
Experts: More surveillance needed

Read More > Date 03-Jan-2022  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Perfect storm of conditions
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said during the monsoon season, rivers and dams are full, which made it hard for the water to drain and there was a backflow.
Read More > Date 03-Jan-2022  | Category  
JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT: Investigate, act fast against those responsible for mudflows and log slides near Karak town
Following the recent massive mudflows and log slides near Karak town in Bentong District in Pahang resulting in massive destruction, 45 NGOs and local communities are calling for the institution of an independent inquiry, and immediate action ...
Read More > Date 28-Dec-2021  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Specialist: Model flash flood warning system on Covid-19 Tracker
Global Environment Centre River Care Programme Manager Dr Kalithasan Kailasam said the effective dissemination of Covid-19 cases, clusters and vaccination updates should be modelled into the flood warning systems.
Read More > Date 23-Dec-2021  | Category Flood Preparedness 

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