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Peatland rangers to the rescue
“Selangor is home to the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest, one of Malaysia’s largest remaining peat swamp forests covering more than 80,000 hectares. We need to protect and restore our peatlands as a nature-based solution to climate ...
Read More > Date 29-Aug-2021  | Category Conservation 
Culprits responsible for dead fish in Sg Penchala must be held accountable, angry residents demand
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme manager Dr K. Kalithasan, who was also informed of the incident, said from the images sent to him, the obvious conclusion was that the deaths of the hundreds of fish were caused by low levels ...
Read More > Date 13-Aug-2021  | Category  
HEINEKEN Malaysia Balanced More Than 100% of Water Used
Dr. Kalithasan Kailasam, Manager for the RIVER Care Programme of GEC, lauded HEINEKEN Malaysia on the significant milestone: “This is truly a commendable and encouraging development on the path of water stewardship."
Read More > Date 11-Aug-2021  | Category Water 
River Care Award 2021 is open for nominations
The National River Care Fund (NRCF) is paying tribute to Malaysia’s most deserving river care champions through the River Care Award 2021.
Read More > Date 07-Jul-2021  | Category River Care 
Support for listing of eighth mangrove site
GEC director Faizal Parish described the move as timely because over the recent years, the mangroves along the coastline had degraded with coastal erosion becoming a serious concern.
Read More > Date 29-Jun-2021  | Category Conservation 
GEC and partners strongly back nomination of Kuala Gula-Matang Mangrove Forest as 8th Ramsar site
GEC Director, Faizal Parish described the move as timely since over the recent years, the mangroves along the coastline have been degraded and coastal erosion have increasingly become a serious concern.
Read More > Date 24-Jun-2021  | Category Conservation 
‘Rebuild natural support system for our planet’
IN CONJUNCTION with World Environment Day celebrated this month, Global Environment Centre (GEC) hosted a web forum titled Ecosystem Restoration Journey that was in line with the theme for the year, "Ecosystem Restoration".
Read More > Date 14-Jun-2021  | Category World Environment Day 2021 
Stop exploitation of critical ecosystems
THE Global Environment Centre (GEC) has called on Malaysia to maintain vigilance against the encroachment and illegal harvesting of the country’s natural resources, and prevent peatland, forest fires, river pollution and water wastage in the ...
Read More > Date 08-Jun-2021  | Category World Environment Day 2021 
The Global Environment Centre (GEC) director Faizal Parish said the Covid-19 pandemic had exposed how vulnerable the nation was to the degradation of ecosystems.
Read More > Date 05-Jun-2021  | Category World Environment Day 2021 
Lack of enforcement causing more environmental damage, says group
Speaking to FMT in conjunction with World Environment Day today, the Global Environment Centre (GEC) noted that state revenue had taken a hit from economic restrictions, with their budgets also dented due to stimulus packages, increased ...
Read More > Date 05-Jun-2021  | Category World Environment Day 2021 
NGOs: Move to gazette geosites needs fine-tuning
Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish said that while the proposal “sounds very positive”, the state government should do more to protect the existing parks and forests. “For example, it has allocated very little resources towards ...
Read More > Date 25-May-2021  | Category Forest 
IWK: Dirty habit leads to heavy costs
“From sanitary pads, wet wipes, and condoms to cigarette butts, cat litter, medicine, diapers and hair are thrown into the toilets and these items clog and contaminate our sewerage systems."
Read More > Date 24-May-2021  | Category waste management  
The how and why behind Selangor’s plan to degazette Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve
NGOs such as the Global Environment Centre (GEC) say the peat swamp forest still serves as a valuable “carbon sink” — naturally storing more than 1.5 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere — one of the last of its kind in southern ...
Read More > Date 20-May-2021  | Category Forest Protection 

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