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Helping to reduce carbon emissions by 2000 tonnes
GEC director Faizal Parish said community groups would receive extensive training in the proper collection and handling of seeds and wildlings, the preparation and maintenance of planting sites and others.
Read More > Date 18-Feb-2021  | Category Tree Planting 
Because Forests Matter - Defending the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve
It's been over a year but the battle to save the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve is far from over. Even though the Selangor State Legislative Assembly had passed a unanimous resolution last November to stop the degazettement of the area, ...
Read More > Date 10-Feb-2021  | Category Forest 
Enriching The Biodiversity of Gamuda Cove
"We have also established an indigenous nursery in Pulau Kempas which has produced approximately 10,000 saplings to date for tree planting activities within the Kuala Langat Forest Reserve and the Forest Park with the Global Environment Centre ...
Read More > Date 04-Feb-2021  | Category Biodiversity 
Aktivis alam sekitar kecewa kenyataan MB S'gor isu nyah warta hutan simpan
Sementara itu, Faizal berkata, Hutan Simpan Utara Kuala Langat mempunyai warisan semula jadi dan budaya yang unik yang tidak dapat dijumpai di tempat lain. "Bagaimana menteri besar boleh mengatakan ini tidak penting atau boleh ditiru di tempat lain?
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Forest 
Environmentalists fume over S'gor MB's remarks on degazetting forest
Global Environment Centre (GEC) director Faizal Parish, who has been consistently vocal about the matter, stressed that Amirudin's remarks show that he has not taken the objections by numerous parties seriously.
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Forest 
TNB sasar tanam 7,000 benih bakau
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) menyasarkan menanam 7,000 anak benih bakau di Sungai Limau, Manjung, Perak dalam tempoh dua tahun sehingga Disember 2022.
Read More > Date 28-Jan-2021  | Category Mangrove 
Green groups sound alarm over disposable masks
Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish said the other worrying trend is that more disposable masks are turning up in rivers and drains. “We support the requirement of wearing masks from a public health and safety point of view. However, ...
Read More > Date 19-Jan-2021  | Category  
HSBC Amanah unveils ESG Credit Card feature
For every charitable donation made by cardholders on their HSBC Amanah Credit Cards, HSBC will donate 1.0 per cent of the charity spend to four selected local charities or non-profit organisations including Global Environment Centre (GEC)
Read More > Date 15-Jan-2021  | Category Donation 
Residents meet DBKL’s 80% target in petition against new road
Residents of Continental Heights Condominium and Taman Gembira, near Old Klang Road, were told last week they needed signatures from 80% of households for their petition to halt the road development to receive consideration.
Read More > Date 04-Jan-2021  | Category Sustainable management 
Sime Darby Foundation Backs Global Calls to Turn the Tide on Biodiversity Loss
In Peninsular Malaysia, the Foundation's collaboration with the Global Environment Centre (GEC) has planted over 20,000 trees to rehabilitate the Raja Musa Forest Reserve to maintain the ecological value of its peatlands.
Read More > Date 22-Dec-2020  | Category Sustainable management 
CRSM in state of readiness to provide disaster relief
"Our volunteers have attended two online training sessions recently: one organised by the Global Environment Centre (GEC) in June, and the other by Nadma on Dec 12," said Lim.
Read More > Date 17-Dec-2020  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Put all rivers under the federal government, says expert
Kalithasan said a one-stop agency on rivers must be led by the federal government but comprise state governments, which have a valid economic reason to want to exploit resources that could affect water catchment areas.
Read More > Date 15-Dec-2020  | Category River Care 
Mining in Ulu Muda a risk to water security, says activist
“The potential (value) is RM62 billion, but we need to be careful,” pointed out Global Environment Centre (GEC) director Faizal Parish. “If they allow mining in the catchment area, it will destroy the water supply.
Read More > Date 05-Dec-2020  | Category Sustainable management 
Coalition objects to draft plan
The proposed DUKE 2A highway would cut through the northern part of Bukit Cherakah Forest Reserve as well as the catchment of the Tasik Subang Dam water reservoir.
Read More > Date 01-Dec-2020  | Category Forest 
Rehabilitation methods
MOST of Malaysia's peatland comprises peat swamp forest, which is said to be a critically endangered category of forested wetlands, and is usually located in coastal areas in all states except Kedah, Penang and Perlis.
Read More > Date 24-Nov-2020  | Category Peatland  
Malaysia-based Global Environment Centre director Faizal Parish says the 2.24cm sink rate is only the average and that actual subsidence rates maybe even higher in some areas. "For drained peatlands, especially on plantations, the subsidence ...
Read More > Date 24-Nov-2020  | Category Peatland  
LETTER | CPSF calls on S'gor govt to stop development affecting forests
"This area is the only wildlife corridor facilitating wildlife movement between north and south. Thus, the proposed road would certainly put a stop and/or cause hindrance to such wildlife movement and increase roadkill cases."
Read More > Date 21-Nov-2020  | Category Forest 
Champions of Sg Klang
THE Covid-19 pandemic and movement control order (MCO) have made people realise the importance of nature’s resources and the need to care for it for our health and well-being, says Faizal Parish. “People realised its importance when they were ...
Read More > Date 18-Nov-2020  | Category River Care 
Declare rivers as security areas, says MP
K Kalithasan, manager of the River Care Programme at the Global Environment Centre, agreed that the government should exert control over the usage of land through the tightening of licences.
Read More > Date 17-Nov-2020  | Category River Pollution 

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