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Wrong cleaning practice suspected
Dr K. Kalithasan, River Care programme manager under the Global Environmental Centre, said offenders should also be tasked to fund the clean-up efforts when they are found guilty of pollution.
Read More > Date 05-Sep-2020  | Category Water 
Grants for 50 projects in aid of needy
"Another recipient of the Hasanah Special Grant is Global Environment Centre (GEC), which focuses on empowering over 2,000 Orang Asli from four villages in Ulu Kinta, Perak, by getting them steady jobs while they protect the forests and rivers."
Read More > Date 01-Sep-2020  | Category  
‘Address careless disposal of masks’
"This is a serious concern as face masks, used by the public, are being thrown on our streets, in parks and public places. This will create a new kind of environmental pollution, similar to the problem of single-use plastic. When face masks ...
Read More > Date 27-Aug-2020  | Category waste management  
Launching of Community Garden & Sungai Keroh River Care Education Centre
The community garden’s establishment has indirectly allowed the residents to take ownership of the river stretch and monitor the Sungai Keroh by becoming the eyes and ears of the river’s condition and any illegal dumping activities.
Read More > Date 18-Aug-2020  | Category River Care Programme  
Malaysia walks away from law to tackle firms over forest fires
Faizal Parish, director of the Malaysian nonprofit Global Environment Centre who has worked on sustainable peatland management, fire prevention and transboundary haze for 30 years, believes Malaysia is right to adopt a more regional approach.
Read More > Date 07-Aug-2020  | Category Haze 
Taman Melawati residents transform Sg Klang riverbank
Since 2018, FoSK TMR3 has carried out the longest continuous community gotong-royong in Malaysia, currently at 107 weeks and counting. Each Saturday, members and participants show up at the riverbank to carry out any task needed.
Read More > Date 07-Aug-2020  | Category River Care 
Communities stake claim to waterways
Public parks, community gardens and colourful murals are just some of the ways Sungai Klang and Sungai Gombak have been transformed through the River of Life outreach programme, which has helped educate the people on the importance of preserving ...
Read More > Date 07-Aug-2020  | Category River Care 
Press Release: ASEAN responds to potential transboundary haze events in wake of pandemic
"Key practitioners in ASEAN and Australia shared insights on the impacts and potential risks of the pandemic situation on ASEAN’s response to fire and haze events, as well as lessons learnt from the 2020 Mekong dry season and 2019 Australia ...
Read More > Date 04-Aug-2020  | Category Haze 
Getting to the root of flash floods
Global Environment Centre (GEC) said there was a higher than normal rainfall around this time that was usually a dry period. "So we may be heading towards the La Nina phenomenon. "However, the human or local factors are also big ...
Read More > Date 04-Aug-2020  | Category Flood Preparedness 
Communities heed call for conservation
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme coordinator Dr K. Kalithasan said, “Community empowerment has helped them become guardians of the rivers who act as ‘frontliners’ and report to the authorities when they come across ...
Read More > Date 03-Aug-2020  | Category Sustainable management 
Public help essential for clean waterways
Global Environment Centre (GEC) river care programme coordinator Dr K. Kalithasan said it was important for communities to take ownership of rivers and realise their role as custodians.
Read More > Date 03-Aug-2020  | Category Sustainable management 
GEC is recognised through the “Role Model Award for NGOs” by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
GEC is recognised as the Role Model for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), given by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA)under the “Program Penanaman Pokok Bakau dan Spesies-spesies yang Sesuai di Pesisiran Pantai Negara” ...
Read More > Date 30-Jul-2020  | Category Sustainable management 
UM Malaysia’s virtual action for Impact Day raises RM16,000 and highlights NGOs
All money raised from the auction is donated to the 5 participating NGOs, who joined in the programme to share more about the work they do and encourage employees to pledge as volunteers towards their causes.
Read More > Date 23-Jul-2020  | Category Donation 
We just can`t have nice things
Late last month, when the interstate travel ban was lifted and beaches reopened under the Recovery MCO phase, bored city folks thronged Port Dickson, and when the weekend was over, it was clear that we are still with our old attitude. ...
Read More > Date 23-Jul-2020  | Category Environment Pollution 
A passion for paper art
“Besides, we also make donations to tree planting organisations in Malaysia such as the Global Environment Centre (GEC).”
Read More > Date 23-Jul-2020  | Category Donation 
Kaji semula tarif IWK
Global Environment Centre (GEC), Dr Kalithasan Kailasam yang menyatakan kualiti air di beberapa sungai menjadi lebih baik ekoran kegiatan manusia dan industri yang berkurangan ketika tempoh PKP.
Read More > Date 17-Jul-2020  | Category Water 

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