Anugerah Role Model Badan Bukan Kerajaan

In conjunction with the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems 2020, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has selected Global Environment Centre (GEC) as the winner of the inaugural “NGO Role Model Award” under the National Programme for Planting Mangroves and other Suitable Species in the coastline (‘Penanaman Pokok Bakau dan Spesies-spesies yang Sesuai di Pesisiran Pantai Negara’) which was established in 2005. 

Through our message below, GEC would like to express our gratitude for the Award. 

Mangrove ecosystems are one of the most dynamic, yet vulnerable ecosystems on Earth. While hosting a unique biodiversity, they provide key ecosystem services and are a critical source of livelihood for coastal communities. Malaysia is the global centre for Mangrove Biodiversity with more mangrove tree species that any other country.  Unfortunately, mangroves in Malaysia have been significantly degraded over the past 60 years – impacting the biodiversity and welfare of local communities as well as increasing vulnerability to storms, erosion and sea level rise.  

GEC’s community-based mangrove conservation and restoration initiatives aim to maintain and improve the quality of Malaysia’s mangrove ecosystems, while promoting the sustainable social and economic development through wise use/management of mangrove forest resources. These initiatives are to support the present generation while ensuring the future generations will be able meet their own needs.

The Award bestowed on GEC, is related to our work over more than 15 years for the conservation and rehabilitation of a number of mangrove areas in Johor, Perak and Selangor States. The achievement is the result of partnerships established with local communities and the formation of Sahabat Hutan Bakau (Friends of Mangrove Forests in Kuala Gula Perak (SHBKG); Lekir Sitiawan, (SHBLS) and Sungai Limau Community in Manjung Perak; Kampung Dato Hormat, Selangor (SHBKDH); and Pulau Tanjung Surat, Johor (SHBPTS). 

Over this period, we have been able to enhance protection of thousands of ha of mangrove forests and with the assistance of local communities and 25,000 volunteers have planted more than 300,000 mangrove trees with a survivability rate of 90%. We have also helped to enhance community livelihoods related to fisheries and ecotourism as well as protect villages from erosion and storms in different sites.
We would like to express our appreciation to our many partners including the Treasure the Mangrove Initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia; State Forestry Departments, District offices and local communities with support and funding from: Yayasan Sime Darby, Vale Malaysia Minerals, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Ericsson Malaysia, Aramco Asia Singapore and Aramco Overseas Malaysia. 

The global community needs to appreciate, protect and stay committed in championing the mangrove ecosystems for the multiple benefits they provide. 

We strongly encourage other stakeholders to support GEC’s ongoing initiatives to conserve the mangrove ecosystems, in partnership with local communities, through funding, volunteering or other contributions for greater achievements. 

The current Award and the support from our partners as well as the local communities will be taken as a further stimulus for GEC to further enhance our efforts to promote sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems.

Faizal Parish
Founder and Director of GEC

GEC, would also like to take this opportunity to remind the fellow citizens on our collective responsibility for the conservation of mangrove ecosystems. At the same time, best wishes for International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems to all Malaysians and the global community.

You can also help contribute for a cause to GEC's ongoing mangrove initiatives under our Mangrove Fund. For more information, click HERE