Rehabilitation & Community Development

GEC has rife knowledge and experience in rivers, mangroves, peat swamps and hill forest rehabilitation. We focus on ecological approach encourage ecosystem recovery and community involvement/development to create long-term sustainability.

Environmental Education & Training

We believe taking action is the key to protect the environment. Therefore, we adopt the Civic Science concept as a way to empower the public in environmental matters. The concept means to bring thoughts about issues from the mind down to the heart, by giving the people the awareness, knowledge and most importantly, skill to take action on environmental matters.

GEC has successfully developed a number of environmental education modules and produced many awareness material on range of topics including peatlands, rivers, water and waste management. The modules and materials are used to train schools, universities, communities and corporate organisations.

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Policy Development & Information Exchange

GEC is actively involved in policy development and roundtable discussions on the national, regional and global level on issues such as transboundary haze, sustainable palm oil and peatland protection. 

Corporate Partnership

GEC has worked with many companies to help them to achieve their corporate responsibility goals. We believe that long-term projects that tackle local environmental issues and benefit the local community as well as involve company staff, should be the fundamental basis of any corporate responsibility program.

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