Empowering Community livelihood in Upper Kinta Basin as part of post Covid-19 MCO Strategy

The implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb COVID-19 outbreak has affected the targeted communities badly. The Orang Asli communities depend on daily wages as well as forest foraging for their survival as well as many of the peri-urban communities in Klebang Selatan work in daily paid activities such as own business, sewing, contract works, construction labour and etc. 

The project is conducted under the Hasanah Special Grant 2020 (HSG2020) aims to improve the economy of and create alternative livelihood for peri-urban and urban communities located within Upper Kinta Basin post-COVID-19 pandemic especially in Orang Asli villages and peri-urban communities near Tanjung Rambutan in Perak.

Target groups/Beneficiaries (Total Expected number of beneficiaries):

Duration: 2020 - 2021

Funder: Yayasan Hasanah

Partners: Ipoh City Council (MBI), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Perak, Perak and State National Unity and Integration Department (JPNIN)


Project Progress:

Links to the community products:

Facebook page: Kerepek UBI SEDAP (@kerepekubikayuyummy)

Business site: Kerepek Ubi Sedap


For more infomation on the project, please contact outreach@gec.org.my .