Recovery Project: Fire Prevention and Conservation of Southeast Portion of Pekan Forest Reserve

The targeted area of this Recovery Project was degraded since more than 20 years ago – initially by logging followed by regular fires in recent years. It is part of the Southeast Pahang Peatland Landscape covering 230,000 ha of land areas including more than 90,000 ha of peat swamp forest, which is the largest peat swamp forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia and is critical for biodiversity conservation, water and climate regulation.

The project supports the conservation and rehabilitation of  4,800 hectares (ha) of forested and degraded peatland within the Pekan Forest Reserve and its buffer zone. It intends to complement and support the proposed landscape-wide sustainable management programme for the Southeast Pahang Peatland Landscape, planned to be initiated in 2021 by the Pahang State Government with support from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia.

Read the Joint Statement on Establishment of Partnership between YP Plantation Holdings Sdn Bhd and GEC.

Duration: February 2021 – February 2024

Funder: YP Plantation Holdings Sdn Bhd (YPPH)


The project goal is to enhance the prevention of fires and the conservation of peatlands in Pekan Forest Reserve and its buffer zone that are adjacent to YPPH Bebar Utara, Pekan Barat and Pekan Timur estates. 

The immediate objectives are:

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