Conservation of SE Portion of NSPSF Phase 1 - Bukit Belata (ext.) Forest Reserve (BBEFR)

The project focuses on the long-term protection and rehabilitation of the Bukit Belata (Extension) Forest Reserve (BBEFR) which covers an area of 3,140ha of lowland dipterocarp and peat swamp forest, in the SE portion of the NSPSF. This forest reserve is facing increasing challenges from drainage, fire and degradation linked to the development of small-scale plantations and agriculture along its boundary as well as encroachment and drainage within the reserve.  More than 350ha  of forest and peatland in BBEFR have been degraded by fires, drainage and encroachment in recent years.

The project is working directly with the targeted local communities at the selected site to establish mechanisms and incentives for their involvement in the conservation and sustainable use of the resource. The project will be managed under the framework of the MoU between GEC and the Selangor State Government (2016-2023) for multi-stakeholder engagement in the protection and rehabilitation of forests in Selangor.

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Joint Statement between Prosper Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd and GEC:

Joint Statement 1 (August 2020)

Joint Statement 2 (March 2023)

Duration: 2020 - 2023

Funder: Prosper Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd


The immediate objective of Phase 1 of the project (April 2020- March 2023) is to develop and implement a specific forest and peatland protection and rehabilitation programme for BBEFR with the following sub-objectives:

  1. To develop a rehabilitation strategy for all the degraded forest and peatland in the BBEFR; 
  2. To rewet and initiate rehabilitation of at least 200 ha of degraded peatland and forest;
  3. To prevent future fires and degradation throughout the BBEFR, in partnership with local communities and stakeholders. 

Project Activities:

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