Empowering Targeted Orang Asli Communities in Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods

The Orang Asli (OA) communities in Peninsular Malaysia are marginalized in term of access to basic services (water, electricity, health, education, etc) and natural resources. 

This project will assist targeted OA communities in Southeast Pahang Peatland Landscape in Pekan, Ulu Kinta Basin in Perak and Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve in Selangor. The targeted Orang Asli communities has the closest contact with the forest, rivers and peatlands. They will be empowered on the roles they can take to sustainably manage forest, peatland and water resources. The project is also targeted to build capacity of the Orang Asli in land and natural resource management. 

The project will also help to introduce additional sustainable livelihoods related to better stewardship of natural resources and improved access to clean and safe water and new products such as honey, organic produce, bamboo and ecotourism.

Duration: January 2020 – June 2021

Funder: UNDP-MOF


The overall aim of this project is to empower targeted Orang Asli communities on natural resource conservation and sustainable livelihoods. Below are the specific objectives that the project aims to accomplish:

Project Output:

Southeast Pahang Peatland Landscape (SEPPL)

Upper Kinta Basin in Perak

Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR)

Peer-to-peer learning


For more infomation on the project, please contact outreach@gec.org.my .