Innisfree Malaysia - Green Forest Campaign

As part of Green Forest Campaign, Innisfree Malaysia pledged to collaborate with Global Environment Centre (GEC) to adopt parts of degraded Raja Musa Forest Reserve RMFR areas in 2017. The initiative undertaken is by planting more trees to help sustain the habitat endangered species, climate change, quality of air and protecting peatland in sustainable manner.

Innisfree Malaysia is a cosmetics brand from South Korea made up of natural ingredients. In line with the Innisfree’s Green Promise concept, Innisfree Malaysia has chosen RMFR as a project site to actualise the Innisfree Malaysia’s initiative towards Peatlands Forest Sustainability.

Duration: Since 2017

Funder: Innisfree Malaysia

Partners: Kuala Selangor District Council, Selangor State Forestry Department, District Education Office, Sahabat Hutan Gambut

Project Progress:

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