National River Care Fund

About National River Care Fund (NRCF)

The National River Care Fund (Small Grant Programme) is an initiative established by Global Environment Centre (GEC) to support local community, community based organisations/non-profit organisations to pursue their own river conservation initiatives. The goal of the Fund is to establish and encourage a river care civil society that has the capability to contribute and demonstrate the best management practices of River Care in Malaysia in addition to support establishment and sustainability of community based water and river care programme in Malaysia. We believe this initiative will motivate our community in becoming a river care civil society and provide a platform of collaboration among government, corporates and public.

Download the brochure (eng) (bm) or visit to find out more about the Fund and the grant application.

Application for the new NRCF CYCLE 7 is now OPEN. Go HERE for more information. 

The Advisory Committee

The implementation of grant is overseen by an independent NRCF Advisory Committee, comprising of representatives from the government, academia and non-governmental organisation, under the leadership of Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Ir. Lim Lim Chow Hock. Find out more who are in our list of NRCF Advisory Committee.



NRCF Cycle III:Sharing Experiences and Lesson Learnt


NRCF Project Updates

News & Podcasts


GEC uruskan alam sekitar secara efisyen

Utusan Malaysia, 13 Mar 2018

JELI 13 Mac - Pusat Alam Sekitar Global (GEC) yang ditubuhkan pada 1998 merupakan rakan kerjasma Yayasan Hasanah (Hasanah) di bawah alam sekitar. Read more.


Clean water in and out

The Star, 19 Sept 2017

Pristine river water helps breed fish, which in turn fertilises plants, which then clean the water in a virtuous loop. Read more.

National River Care Fund, 29 Aug 2017

Dato' Ir. Lim Chow Hock, Chairman of Advisory Committee of the NRCF and Dr K. Kalithasan, River Care Programme Coordinator, talked about the National River Care Fund and how it is making its impact on nurturing a river care society in Malaysia. Listen to the podcast.

GPS dan GEC - Bekerjasama Pantau Air Sungai Semenyih

RTM,  4 Jun 2017

Sebuah NGO - Pertubuhan Gagasan Prihatin Semenyih (GPS) mengambil langkah proaktif, menjalankan pemantauan kualiti air Sungai Semenyih, yang membekalkan air kepada 1.8 juta pengguna di Lembah Klang. Watch the news.

GPS lakukan pemetaan Sungai Semenyih

Utusan Online, 26 Mar 2017

KUALA LUMPUR 26 Mac - Pertubuhan Gagasan Prihatin Semenyih (GPS) berhasrat melakukan pemetaan di Sepanjang Sungai Semenyi bagi memudahkan masyarakat mengenal pasti punca pencemaran sumber alam itu. Read more.

Six groups get grants to care for rivers

The Star, 25 March 2017

SIX deservign community groups and universities across the country received RM30,000 to support their efforts in implementing river care projects under the National River Care Fund (NRCF) Cycle III. Read more.

Green group awards river guardians RM30K grant, wants more corporate help

News Stream Asia, 15 Mar 2017

Kuala Lumpur, March 15, 2017: In suport of river restoration, six selected local community groups and universities were awarded with grants totaling RM30,000 from Global Environment Centre (GEC). Read more.

NRCF Sedia Geran Projek Pemuliharaan Sungai

Berita Harian Online, 29 Oct 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Bantuan kewangan berbentuk geran akan disediakan kepada organisasi berasaskan komuniti di negara ini yang berminat menjalankan projek pemuliharaan sungai dan air. Read  more

The National River Care Fund

Ipoh Echo, 18 April 2016

Community based organisations, non-profit organisations, school communties and unviersities delivering prohects concerning river and water conservation are invited to apply for funding from The National River Care Fund (NRCF) - Small Grant Programme. Read more.

GEC to launch River Care Fund

Oriental Daily, 25 Oct 2015