Outreach & Partnership Programme

GEC believes empowering community is a pivotal element in environmental conservation. They possess knowledge, talent and creative solutions to environmental challenges. Environmental problems such as deforestation, river pollution, encroachment can be easily minimized or controlled by empowered and engaged communities. Empowered and engaged communities will ensure success of various environmental programmes as they are likely to draw resources and skills creating ownership in addition to undertaking corrective measures independently.

GEC is involved in a number of community empowerment programmes relating to general capacity building, environmental education, information exchange and awareness raising on global environment issues. We have successfully established a number of community-based organisations through our projects and environmental education programmes.


To enhance awareness, capacity and action as well as promote sustainable partnerships between different organisations and sectors to safeguard the environment.

Outreach and Partnership Programme Projects

Strengthening GEC’s Community Network towards Forest Stewardship

Project Status: Ongoing

The project will work with different Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) and primarily address the land degradation problems faced by them in the different targeted landscapes.

Yayasan PETRONAS Tree Planting Activities - Walk4Trees

Project Status: Completed

The project mainly to encourage Yayasan PETRONAS employees to live healthy by linking the number of steps they take to the number trees to be planted. The Walk4Trees Challenge will engage local communities with the nursery establishment, tree planting activities at different locations around Malaysia and maintenance of planted trees.

Empowering Targeted Orang Asli Communities in Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood

Project Status: Completed

The project aims to assist and empower three targeted Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia to address land degradation near their villages and to protect and rehabilitate forest, peatlands and rivers.

Community-based Organisations

Brochure: Pertubuhan Sahabat Gambut Asli Temuan (Bahasa Melayu / English)

Environmental Education Programmes  

RIVER Ranger 2.0

RIVER Ranger is an Environmental Education Programme to learn about the environment, water resources and rivers, and emphasizes not only about water pollution but every aspect of freshwater ecosystems including its biodiversity, functions, values, and benefits to mankind. Get trained and find out what you can do to conserve our river.

Know more about the programme or visit the RIVER Ranger website.

SMART (Start Managing All Resources Today) Ranger

SMART (Start Managing All Resources Today) Ranger is an Environmental Education Programme to learn about the environment with a focus on natural and and non-natural resource management in Malaysia. The SMART Ranger Programme is seen as a platform for Malaysians to learn about solid waste management (SWM). It aims to encourage recycling at home and in communities as well as promote a zero-waste lifestyle. Get trained and find out what you can do to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Know more about the programme or visit SMART Ranger Website.

Dr.H20 (Water Conservation Programme)

A water conservation programme developed by GEC that involves comprehensive and systematic water auditing activities for schools in Malaysia. Get trained and find out how and what you can do to conserve water.

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Flood Ranger

Flood Ranger Programmes aims to to educate the community and getting them to understand both the structural measures and the non-structural measures that being implemented in flood mitigation by the government. It include training activities that emphasises on the know-how, escape routes, water management, survival skills and needs during flood events. Get trained and find out what you can do to be flood-prepared.

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Peatland Forest Ranger

The programme is aimed at instilling environmental awareness and education amongst the younger generation on the importance of environmental protection within the peat swamp forest.

Contact us to find out more about the programme.

Island Ranger

A programme specifically made for island community focusing on natural resources management, solid waste management as well as river and coastal monitoring. Get trained and find out what you can do.

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