Kinta River Education Programme (Second Phase)

The first phase of the programme was a success in achieving the its targets and as an appreciation for the commitments and the support received from the stakeholders, SPARK Foundation has decided to extend the implementation of the programme until 2018. This is to empower more community as project leaders and support their outreach programmes. One of the key focuses of the second phase was to produce youth as the project leaders either from local communities or learning institutions.

Duration: July 2015 - 2018

Funder: SPARK Foundation

Partners: Department of Irrigation and Drainage Kinta, Ipoh City Council, Department of National Unity and Integrated, Department of Environment, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, State & District Education Department

Target groups: Local community, students and business community, public

Aim/objective: To empower and further strengthen the proposed target groups and other stakeholders by education, knowledge sharing and skills on River monitoring and Awareness Programmes in order to produce new local leaders and youth representatives as a sustainable approach.

Summary of Project Achievements:

Contribution by SPARK Foundation through W.A.T.E.R Project has allowed GEC to build capacity of five community groups on river monitoring and solid waste management and spurs the interest of two community groups to initiate organic vegetable garden and rainwater harvesting system. In addition, more than 800 student and educators were trained on best management practices on water conservation and waste management as well as river basin concept. A waste reduction campaign was initiated in partnership with UTAR Kampar to encourage business food operators and consumers to recycle. GEC is working closely with Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh to promote river conservation and best management practices. In June 2017, 3000 reusable food containers were distributed at 23 selected Ramadan Bazaar to encourage consumers to reduce plastic bag usage.

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