Kinta River Education Programme (First Phase)

Malaysia is perceived to be a water rich nation as it receives abundant amount of rain every year and currently has sufficient water resources to meet its needs. Nevertheless, there are  incidents such as water stortage and polluted water supply happening, especially in urban areas. The importance of rivers has not been given a priority simply because water is so cheap and is so readily available. As such, GEC initiated a river education programme to highlight the importance of rivers and provide the knowledge and capacity to the local community to take ownership of their local rivers. The programme was implemeted in Perak State, focusing on Kinta River. The programme highlighted pollution issues of the river and engaged targeted communities along selected tributaries of the river with river monitoring activities. 

Duration: April 2012 - April 2015 

Funder: GAB Foundation 

Partners: Department of Irrigation and Drainage Kinta, Ipoh City Council, Department of National Unity and Integrated, Department of Environment, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, State & District Education Department

Target Groups: Local community, students and business community


The objective of this programme was to develop and expand the community river monitoring and protection activities through community ownership and engagement in the Sg. Kinta Basin by promoting and supporting localised resource management activities as well as by supporting governments on going initiatives on river and solid waste issues. 

Project Achievements