River of Life Public Outreach Programme

Target Groups: Local community
Funder: Department of Irrigation and Drainage  Malaysia)
Partners: JPS Selangor, MPAJ, Local Communities
Period of Execution: 2012 - ongoing
Project Website: www.myrol.my

The ROL-POP is a programme to foster partnerships and to improve attitudes and behaviours of target groups to reduce pollution.

The main objective of ROL-POP is to generate evidential improvement in attitudes and behaviours of target groups within the Project Area towards river care and preservation in order to improve water quality and reduce pollution within project area. other than that, it is to promote a sense of ownership towards the river and initiating long term and sustainable change in behaviour towards preserving the river.

 The scope and location of the ROL-POP

  • Originates from Ulu Gombak Forest Reserve. 
  • 4th biggest river basin in Malaysia (about 120km length)
  • Joined by 13 major tributaries. 
  • Catchment area = 1,288 square kilometers (km2) 
  • Encompassing of Federal Territory of KualaLumpur and Selangor (Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Subang Jaya and Ampang Jaya).



The Public Outreach Programme will be conducted within the boundary of River of Life project area as shown:

Project stages

Implementing the Phase 1 programme may be conducted in stages for the purposes of providing focus. The suggested divisions of stages are as follows:


The pilot project is implemented over a two years project period which has started on June 2012. The successful completion of the implementation will enable River of Life (RoL) Public Outreach Programme to achieve its objectives to increase people participation, reduce river pollution and improve water quality in the RoL pilot project area.

Project Approach

www.myROL.my --- Civic Science Concepts
Through Campaigns and Talks (awareness, education, knowledge)
www.myROL.my -- Civic Science process through campaigns and talks (awareness, education, knowledge about River Care)

Through Training and Workshops (knowledge, skills)
www.myROL.my -- Civic Science process through Training and Workshops (knowledge & skills for River Care)

Through Activities and Initiatives (local action)
www.myROL.my -- Civic Science process through Activities & Initiatives - Local Action

Through Partnerships  (reporting, websites, blogs)


 Read more of the project at www.myrol.my