Environmental Education Programmes

RIVER Ranger Programme

RIVER Ranger is a comprehensive Environmental Education Programme about the environment, water resources and rivers, and emphasizes not only about water pollution but every aspect of freshwater ecosystems including its biodiversity, functions, values, and benefits to mankind.

RIVER Ranger 2.0?

Upgraded to a new version, RIVER Ranger 2.0 covers improved features and scopes as well as more aspects of practicality on Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM). The programme features 5 training modules including hands-on practical field training at the nearest river. Details of the modules can be accessed here


Malaysia is located in the tropical region, where there is abundant rainfall - we receive about 2500 - 5000mm of rainfall annually, which is channelled into the 1800 rivers we have. This is more than we need for consumption, yet we find ourselves facing water shortages, water supply disruptions and even water rationing during times of 'drought'. The only reason why we face water shortages is the poor management of our precious water resources.  

5% of our river basins are severely polluted, and 42% are polluted, leaving only 53% of all rivers classified as 'clean'. The lack of education and awareness of the general public about our water resources, how they are being managed, and how they should be managed is a key factor that has led to the state of Malaysia's overall water quality. Another important factor is the lack of skill for genuinely interested people to take action in river management. 

Therefore, this RIVER Ranger programme will provide a better understanding about the importance of our rivers and appreciate its value. Only then will our rivers be taken care of, and our source of water be safeguarded for the future generations to come


Looking for more information? Drop us an email at outreach@gec.org.my or contact us.  Get trained to be a RIVER Ranger today!


SMART Ranger

SMART (Start Managing All Resources Today) Ranger is an Environmental Education Programme to learn about the environment with a focus on natural and and non-natural resource management in Malaysia. The SMART Ranger Programme is seen as a platform for Malaysians to learn about solid waste management (SWM). It aims to encourage recycling at hoem and in communities as well as promote a zero-waste lifestyle.


At present, there is a lack of information, knowledge and education for general public to take action on SWM issues. Some local governments are currently spending up to 40-70% of taxpayer's money annually for SWM alone, and is facing considerable problems with the rising amount of waste that the nation is producing. Our landfills are reaching their maximum capacity, and other options, such as inceneration, are being considered. Since the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act was passed in 2007, there is now government support for SWM activities at the local level.

Proper education on the issue and how to manage solid waste properly for our younger generations can help to build a greener nation - one that is conscious of solid waste issies, and how to manage their waste responsibility.


Looking for more information? Drop us an email at outreach@gec.org.my or contact us. Get trained to be a SMART Ranger today!

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