The Nenggiri River Conseration Programme (NRCP) was established in 2004 following concerns expressed by the local community and other stakeholders over the degradation of Nenggiri River and loss of livelihood from fishing and other natural resource-based activities.  NRCP was established by the Global Environment Centre and Titiwangsa Heritage Sdn. Bhd. in conjunction with local communities and the Kelantan State Government.

Objectives of the Programme

Sustainable Development Options


Tourism is the second largest income generating sector in Malaysia and ecotourism is an important and growing source of revenue.  The Nenggiri Basin has much potential for ecotourism.  A newly completed highway provides access from west coast states via Cameron Highlands.  The Nenggiri Basin offers opportunities for various types of outdoor adventures from white water raftinge, sport fishing, caving, jungle trekking and wildlife observation as well as the option of cultural experiences.  With proper management, eco-tourism can generate significant benefits for the local community and other stakeholders.


In view of the uniqueness and rich biodiversity within the Nenggiri River Basin, there is a need to control the exploitation of natural resources in the area and minimise the impact of development on the environment.  The basin or parts of it should be extablished as protected or restricted utilisation areas.


NRCP Achievements To-Date:

Contribution from Partners

Various contributions have been made by partners to support the on-going programme:

A grant for the first phase of the programme in 2003 was provided by:

The Netherlands Government, through the Partners for Wise Use of Wetlands Programme.

Funding for the second phase of the programme was provided by: