Strengthening GEC’s Community Network towards Forest Stewardship

GEC believes that enhancing the capacity of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) is key to addressing the global crises related to climate change and biodiversity loss. This project aims to empower IPLCs engaged with GEC on forest rehabilitation efforts and ensure their active involvement in land and natural resources management in Malaysia. 

Through the funding from the Airbnb Community Fund, the project will work with these IPLCs nationwide to address the land degradation problems faced by them in the varied targeted landscapes including i.e. forests – both peatland and mangrove, and to tackle water resources degradation.

Duration: 2023 – 2024 (2 years)

Funder: Airbnb Community Fund

Partner(s): Selangor State Forestry Dept, Selangor DID, National Landscape Dept., BKSA Melaka, Sabah Forestry Dept, Sarawak Forest Dept


Overall: To empower GEC’s Community Network towards Forest Stewardship


Key Activities:

The project will work with GEC’s community groups from more than 25 locations to strengthen them in community-based sustainable forest and water resources management. 

The project will also target the public and the youth. In addition, the project will support actions in targeted locations as follows:


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