The Nenggiri River Conseration Programme (NRCP)

The Nenggiri River Conseration Programme (NRCP) was established in 2004 following concerns expressed by the local community and other stakeholders over the degradation of Nenggiri River and loss of livelihood from fishing and other natural resource-based activities.  NRCP was established by the Global Environment Centre and Titiwangsa Heritage Sdn. Bhd. in conjunction with local communities and the Kelantan State Government.  


Rehabilitation of Kelana Jaya Lakes through Community Participation
To improve the water quality of Kelana Jaya lakes and its associated biodiversity through active participation of local communities using innovative technologies.
Funded by MOSTI in partnership with MBPJ, GEC, FoKJP and TBSB



SWM for Schools
Establish an on-site systematic approach on solid waste management especially recycling and composting in urban and rural schools in Malaysia.
Funded by DANIDA.



Community based River Ecology Programme in Pagoh, Johor
Educating and creating awareness among the flood victims in Pagoh through a Pagoh River Education Programme.
Funded by Force of Nature.



One State One River Programme
To produce a well informed community on river management who take ownership and care for our rivers.
Funded by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia.



Conservation of Mangrove forest for coastal protection
To strengthen coastal mangrove rehabilitation activities through community capacity building and networking with partners.
Funded by Force of Nature in partnership with SHB, Kerian District Office and Perak Forest Department.



Addressing community peatland management and fire prevention
Rapid assessment of peatlands and provision for community awareness and capacity building activities under fire prevention programme.
Funded by DOE, Malaysia.



Community-based peatland fire prevention
To promote protection and sustainable management of peatland biodiversity in South East Asia by enhancing cooperation to prevent fires and associated GHG emissions and transboundary haze; improving conservation of peatland biodiversity by enhancing partnerships, awareness, capacity and knowledge of key stakeholders and contribute to the 2010 Biodiversity Target.
Funded by ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity and the US State Department.



Blueprint for River Basin Management
Input to DID study on river basin management. Focus on forest biodiversity and catchment management issues.
Funded by DID and Via Natura Sdn Bhd.



Rapid Assessment of Kapuas Hulu Peatlands in West Kalimantan
Undertake rapid assessment of Danau Sentarum area to develop a concept for biocarbon (REDD) Project.
Funded by FFI in partnership with McQuery Bank



Conservation of Peatland Biodiversity in SE Asia (Phase II)
To develop regional guidelines for peatland biodiversity conservation and support ASEAN member countries in the implementation of APMS and NAPS.
Funded by ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity.



Fire and Haze Prevention through Rehabilitation and Improved Management of Peatlands in Riau Province Sumatra, Indonesia
To reduce the risk of peatland fires and associated haze in Rokan Hilir District of Riau Province through community-based actions and partnership with the private sector and local government.
Funded by DOE in partnership with Jikalahari.



Shell Green Zone
The Green Zone at Shell Global Solutions was established as a place where its staff can learn about the environment and current issues.

Integrated Management of Wetlands in Ruoergai Plateau and Altai Mountains
To mainstream wetland biodiversity conservation and promote integrated management of high altitude wetlands in Ruoergai Plateau and Altai mountains to support biodiversity conservation and sustainable development