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Event Title: Yayasan PETRONAS Walk4Trees Programme in Selangor: Peer visit from local communities (Kampung Ayer Pasir) together with Melaka Water Regulatory Authority (BKSA)
23-Oct-2021 to 24-Oct-2021 Past Event
Venue: Selangor (Kampung Orang Asli Pulau Kempas, GEC-CoSPeC and Raja Musa Forest Reserve)

Yayasan PETRONAS Walk4Trees Programme's local communities in Selangor hosted a delegation from the local community of Kampung Ayer Pasir, Melaka and Melaka Water Regulatory Authority (BKSA) in preparation for tree planting initiative at Durian Tunggal Reservoir. 

GEC in collaboration BKSA organised the peer-learning visit to Kampung Orang Asli Pulau Kempas, GEC-Community Sustainable Peatland Centre (GEC-CoSPeC) and Raja Musa Forest Reserve, to empower the local community on relevant knowledge and skills. The experienced Sahabat Gambut Asli Temuan (SGAT) and Sahabat Hutan Gambut Selangor Utara (SHGSU) demonstrated on how to manage nurseries, raise tree saplings and the tree planting techniques.

The event was conducted with strict adherence to SOPs under the new normal.

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