W.A.T.E.R Project: Water Stewardship –Water Balancing and Sustainable River Catchment Management for Selangor River Basin

This project is rooted from how the nation is heading towards water crisis due to an increase in water demand with unmatched water supply, lack of river basin management and climate change, especially with the intensified El Nino-related droughts together with our growing population. 

The project was initiated to sustain our water resources through ‘water balancing’.  The concept of ‘water balancing’ refers to encouraging industries to maximize water efficiency and manage wastewater discharges while the relevant stakeholders are empowered on water conservation capacity. 

The main location of this project is at Petaling Jaya which is within Klang River basin (where sullage and wastewater effluents are discharged) whereas the water intake for industries is located within the Selangor River basin (40km to the north). Both basins play equal important roles and action is needed to ensure the water management issues are addressed in both basins.

Duration: 2018 - 2020

Funder: SPARK Foundation

Project Website: http://www.waterproject.net.my/


The overall aim of the project is to assist SPARK Foundation to reduce stress on local water resource and ensure watershed security and water balance through following objectives:

Project Progress:

For more infomation on the project, please contact outreach@gec.org.my .