Sahabat Hutan Bakau / Friends of Mangrove

Photograph by Balu Perumal, Chin Sing Yun & Hyrul Izwan

Located in in the mangrove coastal of Perak, Kuala Gula is a mangrove ecosystem which encompasses a multitude of habitats including the buffer areas of rivers and its tributaries, mangroves island and mangrove coastal forests. It is an importance area for fishing activities which is the main livelihood sources in Kuala Gula. The mudflat and the swampy areas of the Kuala Gula mangroves have been the place of stopover and feeding for various species of migratory and resident birds.

However in recent years, the degradation of the mangroves and its ecosystems which has increasingly altered the lifestyle of the local communities who have in the past been highly dependent on the mangroves for their livelihood including fishing and gathering of produces from the mangroves for economic purposes. The continuous threat on the mangroves and its ecosystems has indeed cause adverse impacts on the local communities which has been dependent of these natural sources for quite some time.

Hence, a community based organisation known as Sahabat Hutan Bakau (SHB) Kuala Gula was established in late 2006 supported by GEC and Perak Forestry Department. SHB Kuala Gula consists of members who are actively involved in the rehabilitation, protection, and management of the mangroves.

Among the achievements and activities carried out are the establishments of nursery seedlings which initially cover 5,000 seedlings in 2007 but are now able to accommodate 25,000 seedlings; sharing information and experiences with the public and training activities related to mangrove tree planting techniques and restoration of mangrove swamp ecology. To date, mangrove rehabilitation activities with community participation has successfully planted 71,000 mangrove trees in area coverage approximately 23.54 ha in Kuala Gula since year 2007. SHB has also managed to attract the interest corporate bodies, international and local schools (CIMB, SCOMI, RICOH and Hong Kong International School) to be a part of this rehabilitation activity.

SBH Kuala Gula is currently venturing to cottage industry as an alternative livelihood. This is to promote sustainable management and conservation of mangrove forest to others.

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