Mangroves Conservation Programme

The Mangroves Conservation Programme aims to achieve the conservation of mangrove forests while building sustainable livelihood options for coastal communities. The project consists of two complimentary and coadjecent modules.

Part I. - Mangroves conservation through empowering and building livelihood options for coastal communities

The first part of the programme aims to fund for the improvements of socio-economic status and income of fisher communities in Kuala Gula, especially Shabat Hutan Bakau. The expected outcomes include: 

Part II. - Building socio-economic resilience of coastal community for the sustainability of Kuala Gula Mangroves

The second module of the project aims to improve community livelihoods in Kuala Gula through sustainable use of natural resources. This will in turn contribute to the protection and conservation of the mangrove ecosystem in Kuala Gula and other areas. The expected results are the following: