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  Establishment of Community-based Recreational Fisher & Ecotourism in Sembilan Islands

The three year project focuses on exploring opportunities for the identification of community-based resource management areas. The project focuses on employing a bottom-up approach where local communities are seen as prime movers of a number of initiatives that eventually lead to sustainable management of marine environment,in particular, the inshore and coastal fisheries resources that the local communities depend on.

Duration: 2015 -  2017

Funder: Vale Malaysia Minerals Sdn Bhd  

Partners: Reef Check Malaysia and Fanli Marine & Consultancy

Target Group: Coastal communities especially those living in rural and economically depressed area.

Project Goal:

  • To contribute to the social, economic and environment needs of the fishing communities in Manjung by supporting establishment of a community-based fisheries & nature-based tourism programme for Sembilan Islands

Project Progress:

  • Establishment of Rakan Pulau Sembilan (RPS), a community group that is involve in implementiong the project missions; and
  • A capacity buidling workshop entitiled "Bengkel Program Perikanan & Perlancongan Alam Semulajadi Berasaskan Komuniti Tempatan" was organised and participated by members of RPS, local fishermen and tourism operators. They were taught on implementing sustainable business practices (through ecotourism) and illuminated on topics such as coastal ecosystem and human impacts.

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