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  Establishment of Community-based Recreational Fisher & Ecotourism in Sembilan Islands

The three year project focuses on exploring opportunities for the identification of community-based resource management areas. The project focuses on employing a bottom-up approach where local communities are seen as prime movers of a number of initiatives that eventually lead to sustainable management of marine environment,in particular, the inshore and coastal fisheries resources that the local communities depend on.

Duration: 2015 -  2017

Funder: Vale Malaysia Minerals Sdn Bhd  

Partners: Reef Check Malaysia and Fanli Marine & Consultancy

Project Goal:

  • To contribute to the social, economic and environment needs of the fishing communities in Manjung by supporting establishment of a community-based fisheries & nature-based tourism programme for Sembilan Islands

Project Progress:

  • Initiated inception meetings with key stakeholders (e.g State Government, Perak State Parks Board and District Office)

For more information about the project, please e-mail us at

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